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Jerusalem never appears even once in the Koran. The prophet of Islam never once visited Jerusalem. There is only a Moslem legend that claims that Mohammed was brought to Jerusalem in the dark of night by the angel Gabriel.  • Read more »

Advisory Board:
  • General Uzi Dayan -Former Deputy Chief of Staff IDF : Security
  • Yossi Ben Aharon - Former Director General of Prime Minister's Office : Politics, Middle East
  • Ambassador Yoram Ettinger - Former Consul General in US: Politics, Demographics
  • David Suissa - PR 'guru' , LA, Businessman, Syndicated columnist: Public Relations
  • Sheikh Adbul Hadi Palazzi - Head of Moslem Council, Italy, : Islam
  • David Oleska - PR and Education Company Jerusalem - PR, Training
  • Gary Bauer - Previous Candidate to US presidency - US politics
  • Nadav Shragai - Senior Fellow at JCPA, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Journalist Yisrael Hayom and former Haaretz Newspaper
  • Dr. Baruch Falach - Jewish History
  • Dr. Ofir Haivry - Academic Director, Shalem Institute; Jewish History
  • Rabbi Shmuel Goldin - Rabbi of Ahavat Torah, Englewood NJ
  • Dr. Mordechai Nisan - lecturer and author in Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Middle East Affairs
  • Josh Reinstein - Director of Knesset Christian Allies Caucus; Christian world
  • Dr. Mordechai Kedar – BESA Center, Bar Ilan University – Arabic and Islamic Affairs
US Board:
  • Mike Roth - Teaneck, Insurance, ex President of Bnei Yeshurun Synagogue
  • Lee Lasher - Englewood, Metals, Chairman of the Board of Ahavat Torah Synagogue, Englewood NJ
  • Linda Geller - Lawrence, Businesswoman
  • David Dembitzer - Brooklyn, Real Estate
  • Dr. Robert Weiss - Manhattan, Gastroenterologist
  • Eli Dworetsky - Woodmere, Accounting Practice, Board Member NCYI
  • Albert Nassim - Great Neck, Retired Businessman ex head of Iranian Jewish community, Great Neck
  • Eli Hertz - Queens, Computer Corp. Ex Chairman of CAMERA, Board Member, AIPAC
  • Helen Freedman - Manhattan, Ex Exec. Director AFSI
  • Jerry Greenwald - Brooklyn, Owner and publisher, Jewish Press
  • Clive Ginsberg - Westchester NY, Finance
Israel Board:
  • Zvi Sand - Real Estate Investments
  • Adv. Stuart Hershkowitz - Real Estate Investments
  • Adv. Shmuel Becker - Lawyer, Founder Givat Olam Oil Exploration
  • Adv. Yitzchak Fund - Law Firm
  • Aryeh Fund - Principal KPMG Jerusalem
  • Shalom Menora - Real Estate, High Tech
  • Michael Gottlieb - Finance
  • Drew Tick - High Tech
  • Prof. Nahum Goldberg - Hadassah Ein Karem
  • Eitan Ben David - Gold, Real Estate, Hotels
Canadian Board:
  • Larry Zeifman - Toronto, Zeifmans Chartered Accountants
  • Henry Zieleniec - Toronto, Real Estate Development
  • Joe Gemeiner - Toronto, Businessman
  • Jeff Zeifman - Toronto, Zeifmans Chartered Accountants
  • Dr. Morris Samson - Toronto, Veterinary Surgeon
South African Board:
  • Leon Welcher - Industrialist
  • Dr. Maurice Goodman - Medical Director, Discovery
  • Ziva and Yisrael Taitz
  • Linda Goldberg
Australian Board
  • Arsen Ostrovsky - Attorney

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